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Welcome to ArtEnchanted Studios! This site is intended to be my personal portfolio website. I created ArtEnchanted Studios as a small company with very high hopes and expectations that it will provide design services and market it's very own line for ceramics, home decor items and jewelry.

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Some Random Information


ArtEnchanted Studios was created in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY. In the beginning , the ceramic wares were created right in the living room with me over my pottery wheel, hand painting them and schlepping it on the F train to a small studio in Fort Greene so that I could fire as I taught kids pottery.


I love product design, mainly designing dinnerware and tiles. I got into designing jewelry as part of my "sanity check" and exploring a new medium for creativity so I picked up beading and making jewelry. It grew to people loving it and even buying it! So hey, you gotta love a good thing!


I draw and paint in my spare time. My main medium is oil pastels - I love the feel, and the texture and the look it gives. I don't use paint brushes when I paint with oil sticks or oil pastels. I use my fingers - it gives a more tactile look the the overall finish. I will paint on commission but more likely I tend to either sell my paintings or give them away.


My interest in graphic design started when I was looking into marketing my ceramic wares and jewelry. In order to articulate what I wanted, I needed to understand the process of getting it done. So I went to Session's to get my certificate in Graphic Design. Definitely an interesting course and well worth all the time and effort!



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